Live Class: Top Five Cryptocurrencies to Invest

Live Class: Top Five Cryptocurrencies to Invest

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Investing in your education provides the highest return on your investment compared to anything. 

The first Blockchain was launched almost 10 years ago with Bitcoin in the midst of the big economic crisis of 2008, and after 6 years from launch, Blockchain Technology started to flourish with innovator-type of companies pioneering with applying Distributed Ledger Technology it in other industries outside Fintech and Cryptocurrency.

In this course of Top Five Cryptocurrencies to Invest, we will cover the differences between a Cryptocurrency and a Token (in various aspects), as well as the objective criteria used to analyze each Cryptocurrency (Coin and Token) and depending on their score we rank and focus only on the Top Five Cryptocurrencies, and Top Five Tokens to Invest in for 2018. We will also cover why other Cryptocurrencies “did not make the cut” to be considered in this list.

Please note this course of Top Five Cryptocurrencies to Invest is not Financial nor Investment Advice, and the contents of this course express solely the personal opinion and experience of the author using various reliable sources of the marketplace.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and carry a lot of risk. You can lose all your money you invest in Cryptocurrencies. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

This live course of Top Five Cryptocurrencies to Invest is part of the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Education Curriculum developed by Cryptoducation to help you and your organization enhance the knowledge, understanding and gain the confidence needed to avoid costly mistakes down the road.

Your laptop and smartphone are required to take this course. No experience is necessary, and basic knowledge about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is preferred but not needed.  If time allows, there will be a few exercises during the course to experience Blockchain Technology and enhance its understanding and applicability.

If you are stuck in the abstract world of Distributed Ledgers, or lack the confidence to get started with Cryptocurrencies, this course is for you.

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DURATION:  2.0hrs (120min) live course

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This course of Top Five Cryptocurrencies to Invest is also available as Live Webinar or Webinar on Demand to fit the best learning style.

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