Blockchain Web3 & Bitcoin Business Mastery Program

What topics will be covered in this Blockchain/ Web3 – Bitcoin Business Mastery Program?

We will cover the following key topics  during the program. This list is not exhaustive:

  • Best Practices for Enhanced Cyber Security and Privacy
  • Skills and Best Practices to Become Your Own Bank
  • Blockchain Genesis, operation, features and Ecosystem
  • Bitcoin Ecosystem Mastery
  • Self custody best practices
  • Advanced Self custody: Multi-signature setup
  • Ethereum Ecosystem and Smart contracts
  • Understanding Tokenomics and Successful NFT
  • Decentralized Finance (#DeFi) & Organizations (DAOs)
  • Using Transaction Layers (L2) in bitcoin and ethereum
  • Self-Sovereign Financial Freedom


Congratulations on selecting the Best On-Boarding Program to Blockchain, Web3 and Bitcoin Business Mastery Program.

This program covers 20 hours of instruction all together including lots of exercises and bonuses which makes it very unique and stand beyond any offering in the marketplace.

The series of workshops that make this 20-hr program have been designed for Professionals and Individuals with zero or little knowledge about Blockchain or Cryptocurrencies because it will equip you with the following:

  • Highly specialized and action oriented education journeys about Blockchain, Web3, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

  • Unparalleled actionability of topics presented to your business field

  • 100% materials curated and simple to understand and put into practice in everyday live

  • 100% curated and time-tested Web3 tools/ Dapps (decentralized applications) that saved hundreds of hours searching and testing.

  • The sessions happen at your own pace and time availability in slots of 2hr for best productivity. You define how often and the number of sessions overall that cover the 20hr of the program.
  • Sessions could be online (zoom), in-person (in the GTA), or a combination of both.
  • Certificate will be provided upon completion of the 20hr instruction.

The goal for this program is to help small and medium sized businesses get on Blockchain-Web3 and adopt cryptocurrencies in order to increase competitiveness and resilience in the global environment which demands for creative, agile, digital, cost effective and trustless solutions.

How do I sign up for this Program?

Just click on each on the buttons below. The first one to Book your first session in the calendar. The second to Complete Registration and Payment.

Please note there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee in this program: If after the first session you are not 100% Satisfied, you get your money back, no questions asked!

Bonuses included in the Program (the program pays itself !)

  • Access to Industry Partners and inner-circle team of Cryptoducation: Developers, Designers, Miners and OTC Desks (Value $5,000)
  • Early access to  early stage Web3 Projects under development  (Value $5,000)
  • Save 20hr-50hr of additional time required to achieve level of mastery and curate materials (Value $4,000 – $6,000)
  • PDFs with exercises to practice at home  (Value $200)
  • Access to Private Section of Cryptoducation Discord channel with direct Q&A capability (Value $200)
  • NFC Enabled Card for Multi-Sig setup in mobile (Value $200)
  • Once a month 30min one-on-one zoom call with instructor during first 60 days of the program (Value $1400)

 * * *  *   $17,000 in Total Bonus Value  * * * *

Take control of your future and become a self-sovereign individual. Register now!