About Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain is a disruptive Technology that has been evolving in the last 9 years since it made it debut with Bitcoin in January 2009. Although Blockchain may seem “New” to many, today’s Blockchains are not the same as those of 3 or 5 years ago specially when it comes about scalability, transaction fees and speed. 

Enhancements in cryptographic protocols, settlement layers, consensus algorithms and segregation has produced enterprise grade/ more efficient and scalable Blockchains to meet demands of the global usage.

Recent survey published by SAP identified that 92% of executive leaders view Blockchain as an opportunity; the World Economic Forum (WEF) just released a toolkit to help executive leaders better understand whether Distributed Ledger Technology is an appropriate and helpful tool for their business needs, and as more executives try to understand Blockchain, there is soaring demand for talented experts familiar with it who can help decipher and demystify it. 

Cryptoducation.com provides Advisory and Consultancy Services on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Whether your company is looking to assess the feasibility to Implement a type of Distributed Ledger Technology, or would like to use a Token to Go to Market or Issue a Security Token Offering, our experienced team of professionals at Cryptoducation.com (and network partners around the world) are willing to help, no matter the scope of the project.

Our consultants have different industry background experience: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Retail, Manufacturing, Engineering, Financial Services, IT, Marketing, Digital, Project Management, etc.

Some of the recent client engagements include: Strategic Assessment of Blockchain for Gold-Backed Token Model for a Canadian Startup which included a competitive analysis of the players and a few recommendations for next steps.

Strategic Guidance about launch ICO for a Diamond Trade company with a vast network of wholesalers and retailers. From structure to marketing, analysis and recommendations.

Initial stages for Potential feasibility about tokenization of Real Estate Rental portfolio and fund-raise.

Increase of 30% in Cryptocurrency Profitability Mining for a medium size operation in Southwestern Ontario.

Our solutions are end-to-end, and partner only with the best in the industry to deliver the right size-scope solution for your budget.

Our Blockchain Consultancy and Advisory Services are technology agnostic and will include required corporate training in the solution implemented.

Call us for a no-fee consultation: 1-888-292-3574