About Blockchain Webinars

Blockchain is a disruptive Technology that has been evolving in the last 9 years since it made it debut with Bitcoin in January 2009. Although Blockchain may seem “New” to many, today’s Blockchains are not the same as those of 3 or 5 years ago specially when it comes about scalability, transaction fees and speed. 

Enhancements in cryptographic protocols, settlement layers, consensus algorithms and segregation has produced enterprise grade/ more efficient and scalable Blockchains to meet demands of the global usage.

Recent survey published by SAP identified that ninety two percent of executive leaders consider Blockchain an opportunity; the World Economic Forum (WEF) just released a toolkit to help executive leaders better understand whether Distributed Ledger Technology is an appropriate and helpful tool for their business needs, and as more executives try to understand Blockchain, there is soaring demand for talented experts familiar with it who can help decipher and demystify it. 

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Webinars offered by Cryptoducation.com include a carefully designed and updated curriculum that includes the latest best practices and exercises with immediate application, plus a roadmap towards identifying and understanding what the technology can do for your business and what are the immediate next steps to take towards realizing some of its benefits in the short term.

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Webinars have been designed for non-Technical audiences, and do not require previous knowledge or experience, just an open mind and willingness to learn, have fun and network with like minded people.

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Webinars are available in two forms: Webinars on-demand (recorded) and Live Webinar Sessions. So, if you are a person on the go, with hectic schedule and working hours, I suggest you go with the Webinar on-demand, which allows you to take each session at your own pace and time, whenever you have time and wherever you are, just need an internet connection.

Our alumni from Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Webinar courses have gained the confidence to get to the next step in applying Blockchain Technology into their work and gained above average understanding of Cryptocurrency usage and fundamentals for long term gains.

Some of the topics covered during the webinars are: Blockchain 101, Cryptocurrency 101, Best Practices in Security, Privacy, Consensus Algorithms, Bitcoin 101, Ethereum and Smart Contracts, Blockchain Applications beyond Cryptocurrency, etc.

The Internet came to revolutionize many aspects of our lives in the last 25years, now Blockchain Technology (which Cryptocurrencies use as foundation) prompts for the next disruption of any industry, starting with Financial Services & Global Commerce.

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