About Cryptoducation Mastermind

Blockchain is a disruptive Technology that has been evolving in the last 9 years since it made it debut with Bitcoin in January 2009. Although Blockchain may seem “New” to many, today’s Blockchains are not the same as those of 3 or 5 years ago specially when it comes about scalability, transaction fees and speed. 

Enhancements in cryptographic protocols, settlement layers, consensus algorithms and segregation has produced enterprise grade/ more efficient and scalable Blockchains to meet demands of the global usage.

Recent survey published by SAP identified that 92% of executive leaders view Blockchain as an opportunity; the World Economic Forum (WEF) just released a toolkit to help executive leaders better understand whether Distributed Ledger Technology is an appropriate and helpful tool for their business needs, and as more executives try to understand Blockchain, there is soaring demand for talented experts familiar with it who can help decipher and demystify it. 

Want to become part of the Community of Entreprenurs, Enthusiasts, Cryptoducation.com-Alumni, Blockchain Investors, Blockchain Developers, Digital Asset Marketers, Cryptocurrency Traders and Investors, who are committed with sharing with the community their knowledge, expertise and best practices to propel you to the next level, while also giving back to the community.

Cryptoducation Mastermind Events take place monthly and usually run from 18:30hr to 20:00hr at 20 Bay Street, 11th floor. There are guest speakers most of the times with no sales pitching, just pure content, learnings, best practices, and good quality Q&A.

So, don't miss the upcoming Mastermind, because it may be just the inspiration you need to propel your next project/ idea to the next level, or find your next business partner, or investor.