Upcoming Events and Links

Blockchain is a disruptive Technology that has been evolving in the last 9 years since it made it debut with Bitcoin in January 2009. Although Blockchain may seem “New” to many, today’s Blockchains are not the same as those of 3 or 5 years ago specially when it comes about scalability, transaction fees and speed.

A lot of research has been done in the subject of Blockchains and the way they achieve agreement between the trustless parties that take part of it.

Enhancements in cryptographic protocols, settlement layers, consensus algorithms and segregation has produced enterprise grade/ more efficient and scalable Blockchains to meet demands of the global usage.

Below upcoming events and links for registration. No previous Blockchain nor Cryptocurrency Experience/ knolwedge is required, just the open mind and desire to learn and network with likeminded people.

Take advantage of Early Bird rates. Spaces are limited.


AUG 30> Mastermind: State of Blockchain in Canada >  https://bit.ly/2t0v6N8

SEP.7 @12:00pm Free info Session > https://zoom.us/j/233286293

SEP. 20 > Live Course: Masternodes  > https://bit.ly/2KdeSeq 

SEP. 27 > Mastermind: Cybersecurity Best Practices for Crypto Investors > https://bit.ly/2AR8aGE 

SEP. 29 > Live Course: Blockchain 101 > https://bit.ly/2B6xpFa

SEP. 29 > Blockchain Application Beyond Cryptocurrency > https://bit.ly/2IXJoo5



10 Session Webinar on Demand > https://bit.ly/2vrMz53

6 Session Live Fall Webinar Sessions > https://bit.ly/2w2csoW

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