Advanced Workshop Cryptocurrency Large Mining Operation

Advanced Workshop Cryptocurrency Large Mining Operation

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Advanced Crypto Mining Workshop.

Investment in your education offers the highest return in your investment. 

This is the most advanced and technical hands-on Workshop

  • This is a 2.5hr hour total Program that is highly technical and aimed for the Crypto Enthusiast and person who has the fundamentals of Blockchain and Crypto already and wants to get started with Professional Mining Operations.
  • How to get started as Professional Miner?
  • What factors to consider if decide to set up Professional Mining Operation?
  • Which places in NorthAmerica have competitive Electricity rates?
  • Which companies are benchmark in their Mining Operations?
  • What factors to consider in your Mining Projections (Income/ Expense/ Profit/ Loss)
  • There is additional 1:1 follow up conference call 45min Session to review individual details and situation.
  • This workshop will save you between 48-64hr of self-education and will allow you to make better informed decisions.

This is one of 6 independent sessions for the entire basic curriculum to learn about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in a personalized and hands-on way. The only one in Canada!.

Your laptop is required for this course because of the 100% hands-on nature. WiFi is available and included.

Location: 20 Bay St. 11th Floor

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