Live Class: Buying Bitcoin for First Time

Live Class: Buying Bitcoin for First Time

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This is a 90min duration class where attendees are expected to buy any amount of Bitcoin or Ether for the first time using your own laptops.

Learn straight from the professionals and watch exactly the steps required to do it "the right way" and safely.

This is one of the various courses of the Blockchain Series curriculum for the Blockchain Certificate. No previous knowledge is required and it has designed as “beginner friendly”. There are exercises which provide the hands-on component or “learn-by-doing” which allows all participants to put into practice what they just learned and gain the confidence needed.

By joining this class you are investing in your education and will gain better understanding of the technology, its implications to your business as well as to envision how to become a disruptor and early adopter to materialize many of its benefits: Enhanced transparency and traceability, one-single ledger (accounting), cost savings and higher productivity and alignment (consensus) among all the parties involved.

Class Highlights

In this 90-minute session, you’ll discover and learn:

  • Understand Bitcoin Transaction
  • How to Track in Real Time a Transaction
  • How to create your own Bitcoin Wallet
  • Best Practices in Security and Privacy for Financial Transactions
  • Steps to Purchase Bitcoin / Ether safely
  • The class is non-Technical and intended for all audiences who are stuck in understanding the concepts read in several books about Blockchain, or lack the confidence to explain Blockchain or just do not know where to get started or just want to avoid costly mistakes down the road.
  • No minimum amount to purchase necessary, it is for your own exercise/ benefit.