Be Your Own Bank: Beginner

Be Your Own Bank: Beginner

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Congratulations for taking the first step to growing your knowledge! This is the first course about Blockchain. 

No previous knowledge nor experience are required. There are exercises which provide the hands-on component or “learn-by-doing” which allows all participants to put into practice what they just learned and gain the confidence needed.

Session Highlights

In this 120-minute session, you’ll discover and learn:

  • What are basics of Cryptography? 
  • Best Practices for dealing with Digital Assets and Identity
  • Exercises about Cryptography in the Blockchain
  • What is Blockchain Ecosystem and its components?
  • Types of Blockchains and Digital Assets and their features.

DATE:     Feb. 17th  (Monday) or Feb.22 (Saturday) To be Confirmed

TIME:     10:00 am - 12:00pm

PLACE:  To be confirmed. Potentially could be in Markham.