B2B Consulting (Hourly)

B2B Consulting (Hourly)

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Ad-hoc Consulting Services on Blockchain and Cypto currency.

Hourly rate is set below. Minimum 3hr blocks of consulting offered. (select Qty=3 at checkout)

Equipment or transportation outside Ontario are not included.

We specialize on Business Strategy Consulting about Blockchain Implementation, Strategic Marketing for ICOs, Private Investor Network, Whitepaper Review/ Development, Project Management, and connect you with our network of Hardware-software service providers and experienced software-Blockchain developers.

Questions and topics to be covered in the session need to be sent at least at time of booking the session, otherwise a premium will be added on any urgent matters.

We don't take just any client! If we don’t think we can do a super job for you, we’ll tell you directly to save you time. 

Our proven success has been servicing businesses that have a bias toward action, testing and measurement. If that sounds like you, great, proceed to checkout.