Cryptocurrency Masternodes 101

Cryptocurrency Masternodes 101

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Investing in your education provides the highest return on your investment. 

The first Blockchain was launched almost 10 years ago with Bitcoin in the midst of the big financial crisis of 2008, and after 6 years from launch, Blockchain Technology started to flourish with innovator-type of companies pioneering with applying Distributed Ledger Technology it in other industries outside Fintech and Cryptocurrency.

In this course of Cryptocurrency Masternodes we will cover the origins of the Masternodes, which are the most popular Masternodes, what Benefits bring to the Distributed Ledger Ecosystem. We will also identify the what factors determine success or failure to a Masternode, and how you can spot a good promising of success Masternode to invest on.

This session will run a few exercises (your laptops are required) to better understand how to analyze a Cryptocurrency Masternode with an investor mindset and using the Distributed Ledger Technology Ecosystem Map.

This course is live-in person and will provide you with a solid framework and research methodology to minimize risk and identify good solid opportunities to get in. This methodology can also be applied to other areas in the Ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency Masternodes  will help you and your organization enhance the knowledge, understanding and gain the confidence needed to avoid costly mistakes down the road related to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology.

Your laptop and smartphone are required to take this course. No experience is necessary, just a great attitude and openness to learning new concepts and defy current processes.

If you are stuck in the abstract world of Distributed Ledgers, or lack the confidence to get started a pilot project in your business, this course is for you.


LOCATION:              20 Bay st. 11th Floor, Caspian Room

DURATION:             120min  

TIME:                       18:30pm to 20:30am.

DATE:                       Sep.20, 2018

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