WEBINAR 2: Blockchain Consensus Evolution

WEBINAR 2: Blockchain Consensus Evolution

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Now you can enjoy of pure content and hands-on exercises experience on a webinar to learn about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Each Webinar is 90min 

Blockchain is a disruptive Technology that has been evolving in the last 9 years since it made it debut with Bitcoin in January 2009. Although Blockchain may seem “New” to many, today’s Blockchains are not the same as those of 4 years ago specially when it comes about scalability, transaction fees and speed.

A lot of research has been done in the subject of Blockchains and the way they achieve agreement between the trustless parties that take part of it. Enhancements in cryptographic protocols, settlement layers, consensus algorithms and segregation has produced enterprise grade/ more efficient and scalable Blockchains to meet demands of the global usage.

This is the second of the Blockchain Webinar Series curriculum for the Blockchain Certificate. No previous knowledge is required and it has designed as “beginner friendly”. There are exercises which provide the hands-on component or “learn-by-doing” which allows all participants to put into practice what they just learned and gain the confidence needed.

By joining this webinar you are investing in your education and will gain better understanding of the technology, its implications to your business as well as to envision how to become a disruptor and early adopter to materialize many of its benefits: Enhanced transparency and traceability, one-single ledger (accounting), cost savings and higher productivity and alignment (consensus) among all the parties involved.

Webinar Highlights

In this 90-minute session, you’ll discover and learn:

  • How Blockchains achieve “trust” in the ledger?
  • What is Consensus Algorithm and how many exist?
  • What are key features and downsides for each Consensus Algorithms
  • Exercise: Identify which coin related by consensus
  • Exercise: Tracking a transaction in global public blockchain
  • This webinar is non-Technical and intended for all audiences who are stuck in understanding the concepts read in several books about Blockchain, or lack the confidence to explain Blockchain or just do not know where to get started or just want to avoid costly mistakes down the road