WEBINAR 7: Blockchain Application Beyond Cryptocurrency

WEBINAR 7: Blockchain Application Beyond Cryptocurrency

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Investing in your education provides the highest return on your investment compared to anything. 

The first Blockchain was launched almost 10 years ago with Bitcoin in the midst of the big financial crisis of 2008, and after 6 years from launch, Blockchain Technology started to flourish with innovator-type of companies pioneering with applying Distributed Ledger Technology it in other industries outside Fintech and Cryptocurrency.

In this Webinar of Blockchain Application beyond Cryptocurrency, we will cover how Companies (big and small) are Applying Blockchain Technology to solve real business issues. Starting from proof of concept all the way to expanding pilots and full implementations outside Cryptocurrencies. We will explore types of Blockchains and identify which type is being implemented in each business case as well as which countries are more active in the use and implementation of Blockchain. Moreover, we will also discuss the latest technology developments when it comes to Blockchain adoption enablers and Internet of Things.

The class will analyze close to half a dozen business cases, all of them applying Blockchain Technology beyond Cryptocurrency (without any cryptocurrency involved) and using all the attributes and features that Blockchain Technology provides: Distributed Ledger, synchronized ledger, transparency and traceability of transactions, multi-party transaction, cryptographic signatures and validation, tamper proof records, etc.

This Webinar of Blockchain Application Beyond Cryptocurrency is part of the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Education Curriculum developed by Cryptoducation to help you and your organization enhance the knowledge, understanding and gain the confidence needed to avoid costly mistakes down the road.

No experience is necessary, and basic knowledge about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is preferred but not needed.  There will be a few exercises during the course to experience the Technology and enhance its understanding and applicability.

If you are stuck in the abstract world of Distributed Ledgers, or lack the confidence to get started a pilot project in your business, this course is for you.

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DURATION:  90min webinar session